Monday, December 6, 2010

Its been a long time

Oh well, its really been a long time since this blog was last updated. Its been more than half a year. I doubt dat anyone will read it anyhow. Bt then, all i can blame is myself for nt updatin dis blog. Its been a real bz year for me since enterin med sch. The hectic lifestyle, the stress. All of dis is gettin crazy to me. I had never study dis hard or anythin near dat. i had never felt dis pressured b4. I guess there's a first to everythin in life. Lady luck is smilin at me i guess. Things hav gone smoothly. At least I pass. Talkin bout first time. Dis is the first time i felt relieved to c a pass on my paper. No A or B or C...jz a pass will suffice.

Hols hav been borin at times. Bt i cant complain, its way better than life durin the exam weeks. Rottin at home as i called it can be therapeutic at time. Bt sometimes it makes me think myslef as a sloth. Bt hey i deserve the rest rite? Anyway... i hav a few targets to accomplish this hols. One is ady in the cart.....the rest to come. Hopefully i suppose. Im gonna collect more $$$ for my next few target. Somehow, life feels borin sometimes. Its good to hav a special someone to b bside u at times like dis. bt somehow as a lonely soul at dis kind of time, Im glad dat a laptop with internet is there to help me. It sures makes life better at the very least.

Oh well, we hav promised to look at better times. Bt still man proposes, God disposes i suppose. We couldnt live to our end of the bargain. Its a shame really. N i really thought i could c the future with u bt alas here i am. Anyway, enuf of the emo talk. Haha. Feels good to let go some stress at some times really. Out from my heart.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thomas Cup

I went n watch thomas cup semi finals with tom, sam, jo n chye hui. I really wanna shout.... chong wei balik kampung lar. With dat time of performance.... they might as well forfeit the whole match. So embarassin. Lin Dan did his dance move after he beaten chong wei. Kudos to him for doin dat in front of a hostile crowd dat keep on boo him includin me. The guy sittin beside me n the guy in front of him even stand up and show the middle finga. Come on dude... sportsmanship??? Also when the tension is running high durin the match, a fella at the stand wanted to fight. Takin the bottle of coke up and wanted to throw it. Come on dude throw it if ur a man.... asshole. Go fight somewhere else n dun disturb ppl watchin a match. Honestly the match between indonesia and japan was much better.... Sayonara Japan as the fans are singin. Bt it still feels gud to soak in the atmosphere.

i felt on fire dis week to study. No particular reason, bt mayb cos exam r gettin closer. Hittin the library with ben, matthew, sam and wen jit at nite was fun. We camped in the silent zone so not much word is spoken. Our fav word will b library close. then we will pack up the books n hit the mamak for a cupa n some late nite supper. Haha..... man i hope i can keep up this momentum... or else im screwed.

went for two movies dis week. first was robin hood the movie was so damn cool. who would hav guessed russell crowe could still act dat good at his age. the arrow thru the neck was epic. It was kinda draggy tho bt overall its a nice show i will say. the second show was shrek 2 which i watched last nite with ben, sam, matthew, pei sin, may rui, minyi and joee. It was a touchin movie. more to the love dovey side rather than the action side. i enjoyed it tho i hav nt watched shrek 2 and 3 yet.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Im happy at last

Well really somethin happened dat made me real happy. its better than finishin a game on psp, ps2, its better then free food and free games, its better than scoring a hat-trick or three pointer, its better than scoring straight A's in spm or 5A in SAM. Dat is hw much i value the thing dat happen 2day.

Neway, goin for Ironman 2 2moro. Though i havent watch ironman 1 bt its ok cos we gt middle row seats on the very first day of the release. Hopefully we get to catch Ip Man 2 as well. Again i havent watch both of the movie bt its fine. I shall watch them later if i ever remember.

Time flies so fast dat i havent blog for a month ady. bt 2day is the day dat i cant stop myself from blogging. 28th April 2010, a date i shall remember. the date wer my emptiness is filled.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wat is earth hour??

Oh well i was askin myself dis question back when i was in sgt. Apparently we were supposed to switch off our lights and electrical items to conserve electricity n save earth. Well in my hometown i guess no one seems to care at all. By no means of offence bt i think no one really cares. The restaurant on the light in full blast and ppl were chattin away. I guess the onli ppl that actually turn off the lights were MDSU(Majlis daerah segamat utara) and the bus station operator. Though i suspect the former was cos they wanna save on their electricity bill and the latter jz wanna slack off. wat a gud reason to accomplish all those. Well even my aunt din care to off the lights. Her reasons wer certainly true in certain sense. Your grandma is old. wat happen if she fall down cos she cant c anythin. Well in this case i hav to agree with her.

Well it got me thinkin, wat is the significance of offing the lights for a mere one hour. wat will we achieve by offing the light one hour in a year. I believe there is nothin much. Cos in dat one hour, coal will still be burnt to produce energy. So its nt like ppl cease operation or anythin. Its jz a gimmick to raise awareness i guess. Though i say it aint workin cos its all jz a gimmick afterall.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Life goes on

Oh well went back to Sgt durin the weekends. Another hot day in Sgt as usual. Burns me to my ass really. When i when out shoppin in the afternoon, the heat was scorching. I cant even hold the steering of my car. The main reason i went back was to attend the Hari Anugerah Cemerlang of my secondary sch. Hav to went back early, so din manage to go up on stage to get the cert n money. Anyway Mr Amran handed it to me. I happier like dis anyway, cos i always respected Mr Amran. Hope he could b the principal one day. The money was onli RM90 which is equivalent to half of my transportation fees to n fro frm KL to sgt. Bt i was kinda happy to c all my old teachers. After dat took a bus back. The bus ride was 5 hours long. Really wanted to curse the bus. So nw i will say to all, never ever take Transnasional bus frm sgt to kl cos it sucks.

Back to day by day study in imu. Everybody is constantly studyin in the library. Randy even told me hey ur batchmate all study until 10 in the library. I was like ok, i din even study at all n ppl are studyin so hard. I can really feel the heat. Gosh can u ppl pls dun b so hardworkin.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life in IMU

Oh well i feel so guilty for nt updating this blog for so long ady. i actually hav a few drafts bt literally decided to scrap them cause it happens so long ago. Anyway as most ppl noe im studyin in imu. Lets start with orientation. Hav to enrol in sch during the middle of CNY after all the rest n fun. I was throw straight into orientation n study. The orientation here was hell. Its gross, disgustin and horny. Gross and disgusting as in u hav to swim in chicken blood, deep ur shirt in rotten stuff and the list goes on. Horny as in the performance by the groups in orientation were quite obscene at times. There is a fine line between sexy and slurty and i guess most of them fall in the latter category.

Lecture started last week and it was hell. Lecture starts at 8 and u hav to go like 7.30 or there is no place to sit. I aint wanna put my butt on the floor so hav to wake up early everyday. The downside is i feel very sleepy durin the bloody complicated lectures. Most of the lecturers are goin at machine gun speed. And they onli reload like once an hour leaving riddled in holes and dead at ur seat. Then b4 u hav the chance to resurrect they giv u another volley of lecture.

Since i dun hav internet at home i hav to use the e lab which is quite ok bt for the fact is quite crowded at times. The printer here is super lousy. Nt to mention u hav to bring ur own paper for printing and they oso charge u normal printing price. Will try to get a printer durin pc fair with scanner. Anyway gt my laptop ady. Time to replace my kaput-ed desktop. A cool lenovo y550p. Haha dis is jz great. Gonna need to pimp it 2 the max.

Everybody thinks dat with 2 hour lecture we will b kinda free bt its totally the oposite. They giv so little durin the lecture dat u hav to catch up after lessons. N the books r all freakinly expensive. The stetoscope sample are comin in next week. Bt nothin much i guess except i can c another RM 200 flying out of my pocket. My wallet is gettin thinner n thinner every week. Nt to mention dat im spendin at least 2x wat i spend in taylors per day.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Book sellin day

Ok my blog is kinda abandon for a while. Wanted to complete my old posts and drafts. Bt my bro stole my card reader. So i cant upload pics and complete the post (actually dis is jz an excuse ... haha). Anyway let me blog bout dis book sellin day as it is still fresh in my memories. Well, 13 th jan orientation nitemare for those who r studyin SAM dis years aka my successors. Haha. Anyway, drove out at 7 to book parkin. Drove like a mad man n never let go the accelerator bt alas onli get a place on front of AC. Luckily Sean was even earlier than me and he gt one in front of TAKE AWAY. Nice job Sean. Anyway, Ally came and took my place at round 7.50 and i hav to return the car back to my aunt so she can go to work. It was nice as everybody gathered n sell books. Bt some other sellers. They really deflate the price. Sellin cals as cheap as 200 with textbook 2. Wao crap there goes my high expectation for extra money. Anyway so all my books for round 435. Nt bad considerin the market price and the amount of book i hav. Oh ya n eunice fren, zhe kai was at the 'stall' bside. He was shouting and we helped each other sellin things. Kinda fun. Anyway some highlights. There is a gal with RGS syndrome came to our stall. No money bt took down all the prices of the book n say i definitely will come n buy 2moro. Will u trust her? i dun think so. Then there is dis aunty frm Bintulu who is so stingy and haggle with us students. Come on lar aunty be reasonable, we are students nt salesman. We dun own a fortune. Later off to Jojo for pan mee. Ordered the big lor pan mee. Somehow i dun hav the appetite. Might be cos of the heineken i drank with jere earlier. Anyway, it was a cool day except for my sunburnt grilled to perfection skin. It makes me look like a red prawn. Moisturiser and lotion come to papa.

The next day Shu Sim came and pick me up at 7. She was speedin like i mad person i assume cos she reached my house in bout 20 mins++ frm Cheras. Crazy little gal. Anyway, of we go to sell books again. The RGS gal was a pain in the ass. We ended up din sell anythin to her. Zhe Kai sold his book off in half an hour. Record breakin. Me and Shu Sim sold off ours at bout 10 plus. Somethin happen after dat at home bt nt gonna blog bout it. In the afternoon, i received a call frm TPC. It goes

Halo fookzhen. This is Sharleen frm Taylor Placement centre. (I was like y is TPC callin me). Do u noe dat u hav an offer frm UWA to study med (i nearly bang into the glass door dis time as i hav jz woke up frm sleep and was groggy).

Ok jz as i thought my day couldnt get any worse. Hav to do research, phone calls and everythin to check out bout the uni. The accomodation and oso the financial. Its gonna be a long weekend.

Anyway bout the incident, i will like to say somethin to the person involve (dis is the first time i put somethin personal here though i doubt u will read dis). I dun care wat ur reason and wat happened in the past. I will wait for u cos i noe deep down dis is the best choice. When one day u open ur heart, i wanna be the first one to knock to come in.